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The long-term excavations at Dion have brought to light inscribed monuments, which as testimonies contemporary with the events of their time constitute the safest and most reliable source of information on the life of the ancient city. Only part of those monuments has been sporadically published. The project focuses on the documentation and study of all inscribed monuments at Dion throughout its activity in order to extrapolate new scientific knowledge, disseminate, promote and highlight those characteristics particular to the city, which are associated with the important changes that occurred during its long history. Read more…

The site

The ancient written sources revealed that Dion, a place of worship of Olympian Zeus on the eastern foothills of Mt. Olympus, was the sacred city of the Macedonian kingdom, that the Roman colony Colonia Iulia Augusta Diensis was founded on its site by Octavian Augustus in c. 30 BC and that the life in the city continued until the early Byzantine period.

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School of History and Archaeology
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The research work was supported by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and  Innovation  (H.F.R.I.)  under the “First  Call for H.F.R.I. Research Projects to support Faculty members and Researchers and the procurement of high-cost research equipment grant” (Project Number: 1385)