The research

The purpose of the interdisciplinary research is the systematic examination of all the inscribed monuments of the city of Dion, which could form a reliable tool for the study of the city’s religious, political and social life and its organisation both at the time of the Macedonian kingdom and in the subsequent periods. The scientific research seeks to cover a principal issue of the survey by publishing the inscriptions of one of the most important cities of ancient Macedonia that also saw changes throughout its history.

The content is clearly defined, both from a geographical and typological point of view, as it is based on a particular category of material (inscribed monuments) of a specific city. It is not limited to compiling a corpus of inscriptions but proceeds to review all data. Namely the inscriptions are examined in relation with their archaeological context, i.e. in their provenance in the space and their co-finds.

In the context of the project, in order to make a more accurate recording and facilitate the reading of the inscriptions, a methodology will be developed based on innovative techniques suitable to this purpose. Using state-of-the-art technology, the inscriptions that pose problems in character recognition can be transformed into extremely detailed digital form. Techniques for showing form and shape characteristics will be explored in order to make it easier to find and record inscriptions.