Expected results

The inscribed monuments are reference sources for evidence of the life in the antiquity. Their study is the most reliable source for becoming knowledgeable about the ancient world, because they are direct testimonies of their era.

The study of this material offers many challenges as Dion was a living city that saw many changes; at first, it was the religious center of the Macedonian kingdom, afterwards a Roman colony and in the end, a Christian diocese. The project in question will examine all the inscribed monuments and will give answers to various questions that arise about the political, the social and the religious life of Dion, a city active for at least ten centuries. Comparisons can be made through times and cultures of the Greco-Roman world.

It is of great scientific importance the publishing of the excavation material and indeed, the epigraphic ones, which reconstruct the history of Dion. The project scientific results will contribute to interdisciplinary basic research. In terms of sustainability, it is expected that the project’s outcomes and the newly acquired knowledge will support future studies and stimulate new research in the areas. The project also builds on innovative methodologies with cross-disciplinary approach. It also creates a digital archive and database of inscriptions of Dion.